Tuesday, July 15, 2014

ThinkPad X40 laptop Refresh!

Restoration of the IBM X40
     Two years ago I bought a notebook from a garage sale for the purpose of restoring it to its initial glory. It was a classy IBM X40 machine “the ultraportable that didn`t take any sacrifice over performance due its size”.  The notebook had the display cracked and no hard drive and no charger.
     I got it for 40 lei about 12 $. I bought it only for the splendor of the case (very good condition) and the fact that is an original IBM machine not Lenovo.  I inspected the machine very close, also google it and found out I need an 1.8 inch HDD that is not very common so I decided to abandon “my project” in a shoe box somewhere in the basement.
     Time flew over the machine and it stood in that shoe box for more than 2 years.
 I forgot all about it!
            Recently, searching for something in the basement I found a “strange box” that I did not knew about… opening that box lead to a big surprise… the X40 was lying there… it was like a time capsule!
I ordered a brand new HDD for it, a 40 GB WD at 4200 rpm and also a second hand charger and a 12 inch display with a few dead pixels J.  After the assembly of the machine I plugged in the charger and I crossed my fingers.                               THE POWER BUTTON has been pressed!
Boot up screen showed up, with the initial configuration:
CPU: Intel Pentium M 1.2 GHZ
RAM: 256 DDR1
VIDEO: 64 MB Intel
WLAN: Intel Centrino Technology
I upgraded the system memory to 1024MB and also the CPU to an Intel Pentium M at 1.4 Ghz speed.Fresh installed MS Windows XP SP3 with all its original drivers.
I use this machine a few times a year at the countryside as a multimedia center J for watching movies on the projector and listening to music. It turned out to be a very fast machine even if its 10 years old.

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  1. I have a X40 running Debian Jessie very well with 1 GB of RAM and 1.2 GHz Pentium M.
    I love to play mp3 files using MOC.
    The sound is very good in X40.