Friday, September 25, 2015

How to fix the endless spinning gears - Nokia Lumia users

     I recently installed Nokia Insider in order to install the Windows 10 Preview on my Nokia Lumia 1320. The phone suggested that the operation will take 10 to 15 minutes but instead it remained like that for hours.

   I ended up with the endless spinning gears even if i turned off my phone and restarted. I tried to soft reset and hard reset the phone, soft reset (power+volume down) first or hard reset (power+volume down+camera button)... no combinations worked for me. 

As i understood this operation works 50% of time if you let your phone battery run out and then charge and try again. I had no time for this so I Googled a couple of hours as I needed my phone badly.

1. Download and install NSU v4.1.0:

2. Run NSU (Nokia Software Updater) and this window will pop up. Then click "My device does not boot up"

3. Now connect the phone that has been stuck at spinning gears via USB cable (make sure its fully charged) and click continue.

4. After connecting the phone, this will show up (refer screenshot). Now press and hold the power and the volume down button until the phone vibrates. Your PC will detect a new hardware and will install the required drivers if needed. Then click Ok.

5. NSU will take over from here and will reflash your phone with a hefty 1.2GB of firmware download from its server. Let it finish and then you're done.

Your device will have windows 8 then it will update to Windows 8.1 then another 2 small updates (including Cortana)...then you are back in business. 

NOTE: When your device will ask you to update to windows 8.1 remove your SD Card....don`t know why but if you don`t do so the phone will not update and the spinning wheels will become endless....but don`t panic! As soon you remove your SD card and power on your phone everything will get back to normal.


Screenshots courtesy: Moody Captain from MyNokiaBlog.

I hope this post will help a lot of Windows Phone users. Nokia is a great phone, I even like Windows but Microsoft should pay more attention on their updates, on their faulty untested updates!

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