Wednesday, October 7, 2015

Intermec CK3: How to Stop ITE (Intermec Terminal Emulator) From Starting Automatically

Disable auto-startup of ITE on CK3

Sometimes you have an preferred app that you want to pop up at start-up, usually its the software you use on your daily basis, however that is impossible if you bought a new terminal... because of the ITE menu (black screen) that always starts before your app in the start-up. Below I have the fix!

To prevent Intermec Terminal Emulator (ITE) from running automatically, follow these steps:

If you are stuck to the screen just access any window (it will require password), the password is CR52401.

On the CK3 tap Start/Settings/ System tab/Intermec Settings

Expand Applications by tapping on the ‘+’ sign to the left

Tap the ‘+’ next to ITE

Tap the box entitled NO Auto-Start, you should now see a check in the box

Tap File/Save Settings at the bottom of the screen or for newer OS tap the OK button at the bottom of the screen.

This will fix your ITE to run automatically for good.

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