Thursday, January 14, 2016

Dell E6500 performance boost. 8 Years old Dell Running Strong

Like many other manufacturers, Dell also launches several new models on time for the start of new Intel Centrino 2 platform primarily in the business area. The E6500 series is thought above all for professional office users with an increased mobility need and high quality demand. With the high-quality magnesium case the notebook sets the bar particularly high in respect to stability, for the competition.

     Dell E6500, Full Metall Jacket, as calls it, its conceived primarily for the classic business sector under the name Latitude. Here, among other things, one differentiates between theE5xxx and the E6xxx models. Like the Lenovo Thinkpad R and T series, Dell offers the E5xxx series which concentrates on basic functions and mainly tries to score with an attractive price. In addition there are the models of the E6xxx, with itsindestructible metal chassis and particularly extensive equipment which appeal to the rather advanced, quality-conscious customer, as well.

    Over the time I owned a lot of notebooks, I think over the past 12 years I owned more than 100 notebooks as I get bored real quick and then I tend to buy another model. The only notebooks I that I really loved over the years are the Dell XPS M1330 and the Dell Latitude 6500. I love the quality build in these 2. 

    I bought the last E6500 machine 3 months back from a guy desperate for money. I bought it at about 60 US dollars. it came with basic configuration, 2GB RAM, 120GB HDD, it had the rubber dome missing and the left speaker had no paint over. The hinges were wobbling and the AC adapter was chewed by a dog or so.

I cleaned the machine and also dusted off the inside and the whole cooling system, applied new thermal paste and also bought for 1$ an original rubber dome and painted the speaker with black car paint. 

All Dell E6500 have the paint peeling off the left speaker. I will explain you why: If your charger does not have the grounding pin or your grounding is not very good, the speaker grill and your sweaty palm with create electrolysis and the paint will come off. AS THE NOTEBOOK IS METAL AND MAGNESIUM NOT CHEAP PLASTIC! 

I upgraded the memory to 2X2GB ELPIDA FSB 800 Memory and an 256 GB Samsung SSD, original from Dell. Also 1x 500GB HDD in the optical bay. I used a 5$ caddy from Amazon.

I installed a fresh copy of Windows 10. It boots up in 7 seconds, from the Dell Logo to the last gadget on desktop. This machine is very fast for browsing the internet, watching online video content and many more.

     I am very happy with this upgrade. I also have an Dell Latitude E7440 featuring an Intel i7 vPRO CPU, 8GB RAM DDR3 but the feeling its just not hte same.

I never liked SSD`s but now they are getting more reliable and they are so damn fast!

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