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The 10 Greatest MS-DOS and Windows Games of All Time

Games That Defined the Gaming Era

When it debuted in 1981, MS-DOS probably didn't seem like a promising platform for gaming. But from roughly 1981 to 1997, publishers released thousands of games in every genre for the PC and its text-based OS.To celebrate the 35th anniversary of MS-DOS, I've selected what I consider to be the ten greatest games ever to grace Microsoft's first operating system. These games were innovative and influential while being, of course, fun to play over and over.If you missed the DOS era, or if this list makes you nostalgic, don't cry. You can legally purchase and download many of these games online.The best site for abandoned software and games is ABANDONIA.COM. Typically such games come with DOS emulator software called DOSBox so that you can run them on a modern Windows (or even Macintosh) operating system. In some instances the games are free, in which case you'll have to download and set up DOSBox yourself.

Year 2016, most of us want some digital detoxification, we are sick staying all day long in front of computers, tablets and phones, Googling, being online on social networks and doing much more than we ever imagined. Your gadgets are powerful devices but yet this devices cannot bring the chills you used to have back in the 80`s-90`s.I used to play a lot of MS-DOS games and prior versions of Windows (3.1, 95, 98se etc.) but today I just want to mention my best all time favorites and stick to a list of 10... HARD...

1. Transport Tycoon Deluxe

This game needs no special introduction. Designed by Chris Sawyer, it is one of, if not the best transport simulation that is being played to this very day by thousands fanatics, including myself :)You start off as a manager with a couple of bucks and your ultimate goal is to build a transport corporation that consists of ground, air and water transports. You will have to build railway infrastructures, roads, airports, ship ports, train and bus stations. You'll also have to connect various factories and industries that will together produce goods which you can deliver to cities...Ultimately, you'll be able to control growth of towns and their complete layouts. As the time progresses, new types of trains, airplanes, busses and ships will appear in your catalogue. Some will even require a different railway type, or bigger airports.Well, I could go on writing about various aspects of this game until tomorrow. Of course, I'm not going to do that so I just recommend you download this gem of a game and immerse yourself into the world of tycoons and big bucks :) You will most certainly not be dissapointed.

2. Doom II Hell on Earth

Doom 2 is definitely a classic shooter. Following on from Doom, you play the same character on his return to Earth. Of course, returning to Earth, instead of a wonderful party and maybe a medal or two for your heroic efforts you find that somehow the same aliens you fought on the Mars have now overrun Earth. Utilizing everything in your arsenal - 9mm, double-barreled shotgun, laser guns, and yes the infamous chainsaw - you must begin a new battle for Earth.The gameplay is, again, very good for one of the first shooters. Hardcore fans of the previous games will thoroughly enjoy this one. The game also boasts dozens and dozens of levels, able to keep you occupied for hours of gory fun. The reason I gave this game a low rating is twofold. Firstly, the game just isn?t nearly up to par with current shooters or many other great shooters released during the time this game has existed. Secondly, the game has a serious lack of plot. I understand that one of the big reasons this game has such a huge following is due to that simple fact; less plot, more mindless violence. Alas, I personally need a decent plot to keep me coming back to play the game.In closing, this game can be a lot of fun if you need to get your anger out, or just enjoy some mindless violence. But due to lack of plot, it probably won't keep your attention for too long. So grab your shotguns and chainsaws and get ready for some gore!

3. Need 4 Speed IIse

The graphics surely can’t match today's standards, but at the time, this was one of the best looking racing games. There is an invisible wall on both sides of the road, so despite the landscape you see, you can’t drive off the road. Everything on the roadside is for appearance only, and many things looked very nice. You could use nice cheats to trige a toilet or a log or a dinosaur :)

4. Warcraft II

Warcraft II is what you think it would be—an update and improvement over Warcraft and a predecessor to Warcraft III. It improves on Warcraft's already solid graphics and sound. It includes videos during the campaign, and it amends some of the more lackluster gameplay elements from the original Warcraft. Most notably, the player can now select more than one unit at a time, up to nine. Unfortunately, it isn't until Warcraft III (or the edition of this second instalment) that players are able to hotkey or group certain units together. So in Warcraft II you will always have to click the units you wish to command; thus, it is difficult, but not impossible, to coordinate large or multi-pronged attacks as well as a coordinated defense. However, clever use of the other resources in the game can overcome these shortcomings, such as the use of patrols and hotkeying positions on the map to recall later.


My guess is that no description is needed here. The Quake series was the most played game in our neighborhood. (It was replaced slowly by Cstrike 1.6)


Ignition is an old dos game, published in 1997 by Virgin Interactive Ent.. Main genre of this old game is racing. We gave this game stunning rating of 94 and you can download it for free right here. Another of the games celebrating model cars, called Ignition - and certainly one of the game legends of late 90s. Enjoy the game right from the beginning, when a short but spectacular intro is showed, after which you can get right into the action. You have a choice of several types of race: Championship, Single Race, Time Trial and Pursue mode and seven kinds of cars, where the choice is really wide (eg Redneck car, school bus, ambulance, beetle - Bug, Smoke truck, or police car - Enforcer) . You can choose between the 7 different tracks, which I think is quite a big disadvantage of this game, because this game really deserves more tracks (however, you can also race in the opposite direction, so the least there is a little change in turns and you might say there are 14 tracks). The game has some excellent ideas (shortcuts, pitfalls, sounds, animations), which together form a great fun game.

7. Tyrian 2000

Tyrian 2000 is one of the best space arcade games ever made. Better than RAPTOR game which i love as well. Why? I thought you would never ask, let me tell you.The graphic in the game is pure perfection! (Look at the screens, agree and read on).The music is also exceptional. There isn't much more to say about that. What gives this game a pure 5 point score is the plot. Yes, this game (unlike all the others) has a plot. And it is a deep one. Your role is that of Trent Hawkings, Space Ace extraordinary. Without any warning you will be thrown into a deadly game of power as MicroSol tries to take complete control over the planetary system called Tyrian. Alone you stand against a mighty corporation. Your friends will betray you, your parents will be killed, and everything and everyone turns against you. There will be different routes for you to take, so the game will never repeat itself. You will get the plot of the game from different Data Sources all over the game. These will include messages from friends, allies and others that will unlock new weapons, ships or star-travels. Since these data-sources are hidden within buildings and enemy ships, you will never go through the game twice with the exact same information. So the actual game will change all the time. Just what any game need!

8. Carmageddon

Carmageddon is a graphically violent vehicular combat 1997 PC video game. It was later ported to other platforms, and spawned a series of follow-up titles. It was inspired by the 1975 cult classic movie Death Race 2000. The game was produced byStainless Games, published by Interplay and SCi.

9. StarCraft-Broodwar

StarCraft: Brood War is the expansion pack for the award winning military science fiction, real-time strategy video game StarCraft. Released in 1998 for Windows and Mac OS, it was co-developed by Saffire and Blizzard Entertainment. The expansion pack introduced new campaigns, map tilesets, music, extra units for each race, and upgrade advancements. The campaigns continue the story from where the original StarCraft ended,[1] with the sequel StarCraft II: Wings of Liberty continuing from the conclusion of Brood War. The expansion was released in the United States on 30 November 1998. One of the best games I ever played!

10. Atomic Bomberman

Atomic Bomberman is a game by Interplay for the PC that was released in 1997. It was the first original Bomberman game to be developed for Windows, and the second game of the series made for the PC, following 1992's Bomberman.The game is relatively unusual in the Bomberman series, as it was officially licensed from Hudson Soft and developed by an American team. Most titles in the series were developed in Japan. It has a different look and feel compared to other Bombermantitles as a result (despite basic gameplay being unchanged), using pre-rendered 3D characters and backgrounds as opposed to hand-drawn animated sprites, techno-inspired background music and the extensive use of voice samples during gameplay. The voice clips are by well-known voice actors Charlie Adler and Billy West.

All these games made my childhood a better place. Me and my friends had a local area network through BNC cable and later on UTP and we were playing like crazy, night and day! :)


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